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Building Surveyors operate across one of the widest sections of the construction industry. They are involved in all aspects of property and construction from supervising large mixed-use developments to planning domestic extensions. This varied workload can include everything from the conservation and restoration of historic buildings to contemporary new developments.

We wanted a name that would reflect this and also the specific skill set we can bring to a project. Salt is used in a multitude of ways in industry and food products. Three of these uses being to enhance flavour, preserve perishable items and restoration of strength and vitality.  We considered that these three qualities could be applied to Building Surveying in relation to property. 'Enhancing' by adding extensions or refurbishing elements of a building; 'Preserving' the building for future generations by repairs and the 'Restoration' of building elements back to their original condition.

Also, our director, Jonathan Williams, was born in Maldon, Essex where the  famous sea salt is manufactured and so we felt that it was an appropriate name for our company.


Salt Building Surveying Ltd is a Chartered Building Surveying practice providing survey, design and project management expertise to your property portfolio whether it is a single building or a whole estate.  We would like to have an opportunity to work with you to enhance, preserve or restore your building. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your project. Our main areas of operation are Hertfordshire, Central London and the Northern Home Counties but if you are outside these areas please contact us and we can see whether there is a way to assist you.